Why Life Insurance

Good Reasons to buy Life Insurance

It gives you a sense of SECURITY

Compulsion of Paying Premium regularly increases the SAVING HABIT

It gives satisfaction that money is in GOOD ORDER & SAFE.

FAMILY members will not have to depend on relatives & friends IN CASE OF DEATH

It PROTECTS other savings like PPF / Bank FD's Mutual funds, Properties etc.

Your Retirement becomes INDEPENDENT & COMFORTABLE

Most easy method of CREATING ESTATE

Other Investments ask for thousands of rupees & promise a few hundred but Life Insurance asks 1 few hundred rupees & PROMISE THOUSANDS OF RUPEES.

It gives a GUARANTEE of known sum at UNKNOWN TIME

People's Money for People's Welfare

    LIC invested a total of Rs 8,19,835 Cr & in infrastructure sector is Rs. 41,067 Cr in financial yr 2017-18.

    In socially oriented sector like water, drainage & housing etc, LIC has invested Rs.5,635 crores during 2017-18 & total investment in this sector is Rs. 1,64,162 Cr.

    Total investment in Social Sector Rs.89,000 Cr.

  • Different incentive schemes for villages, Schools and Banks under Bima Gram, Bima School and Bima Banks.

    Total investment in Nation Building Activities is Rs 6,55,673 Cr in financial yr 2017-18.