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Why Life Insurance
Good Reasons to buy Life Insurance
It gives you a sense of SECURITY
Life Insurance
Compulsion of Paying Premium regularly increases the SAVING HABIT
It gives satisfaction that money is in GOOD ORDER & SAFE
FAMILY members will not have to depend on relatives & friends IN CASE OF DEATH
It PROTECTS other savings like PPF / Bank FD's Mutual funds, Properties etc.
Your Retirement becomes INDEPENDENT & COMFORTABLE
Most easy method of CREATING ESTATE
Other Investments ask for thousands of rupees & promise a few hundred but
Life Insurance asks 1 few hundred rupees & PROMISE THOUSANDS OF RUPEES.
It gives a GUARANTEE of known sum at UNKNOWN TIME
People's Money for People's Welfare
LIC invested a total of Rs 8,19,835 Cr & in infrastructure sector is Rs. 41,067 Cr in financial yr 2011-12.
In socially oriented sector like water, drainage & housing etc, LIC has invested Rs.5,635 crores during 2011-12 & total investment in this sector is Rs. 1,64,162 Cr.
Total investment in Social Sector Rs.89,000 Cr.
Different incentive schemes for villages, Schools and Banks under Bima Gram, Bima School and Bima Banks.
Total investment in Nation Building Activities is Rs 6,55,673 Cr in financial yr 2011-12.
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