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How to become LIC agent
LIC agency are professionals who work in the Life Insurance Corporation of India. They are actually intermediaries who create ties between LIC clients and LIC. Those who satisfy the eligibility requirements set up by the LIC can become LIC Agents. These professionals, in their daily affairs deal with clients, explaining them the different types of insurance policies, like medi-claims, recurring savings schemes and so on which are offered by LIC.
They also convince the clients and make them take a policy. In addition, they have to collect the insurance policy amount from the clients and pay it to Life Insurance Corporation on a monthly or yearly basis.The Branch Manager will conduct an interview, and if found suitable, you will be sent to training at Divisional / Agency Training Centre or you can take online training.
The training is for 50 hours and covers all aspects of Life Insurance Business. After successful completion of training you will have sit for Pre-Licensing examination conducted by the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDA).
After successful completion of the examination you will awarded a License by the IRDA to work as an insurance agent.You will be appointed as an agent by he Branch Office and you will be a part of the team under your Development Officer.The Development Officer will impart you field training and other valuable inputs which will help you in the market place
LIC agent
Required for an LIC agent
LIC Agency require some special skills in order to shine in the sector. They must have good communication skills. Only those who have convincing ability can make more clients. They should never get engaged in fraudulent activities. In addition, they must have pleasing personality and a flair for marketing.
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